Why You Should Plan for Spontaneity

Somewhere there is a BossBabe making a plan.

My girlfriend invited me to an exciting Sunday fun day trip out of town, and suddenly I had some things to consider. Specifically, that never-ending list of things to do struck again. It seems that as a 9 to 5 worker with several side hustles I could never meet the mark. I found myself always wishing for more hours in a day and the agony attached to feeling I simply didn’t have enough time…EVER! Let alone time to do the spontaneous.

I thought, “Can I plan to be spontaneous?”

I was growing anxiety at the thought of reaching my goals simply because goals require me to implement this thing called a plan, which left me no room between my other life scheduling for opportunities that just spring up, even ones that seem too good to pass.

The reality is, plans are the thought on the modern woman’s mind!

We can’t continue to live on the edge with walk-in nail appointments that may leave us waiting when we could’ve been doing something else. What boss babe can bear the thought of risking precious time on the lazy male trying to reel us with spur of the moment dates lined with mal intentions? We wait for the one guy who comes around that actually does have a planned date that we may pencil in, but if he doesn’t confirm same day that slot just opened so we can get back to that run-on list of tasks to complete.

The modern woman is growing as dependent on their need for plans, as they are to their smartphones, not just for organizational purposes but for the need to feel accomplished and overall mentally balanced. We know when we are getting up, eating breakfast, going to the dentist, going to a friend’s wedding, hitting the gym, and so on and so forth then we head to sleep at night and wonder, is this life? The reality of this sad situation is by planning everything to a tee, we are really losing excitement of the serendipities of life!

Does everything have to be so perfectly planned?

When is the last time we just let life happen? What was the outcome?

Would the last goal you accomplished have felt as rewarding had it not been for the obstacles you overturned along the way?

I know it is scary to hear about things that may just happen to us. We associate things that “just happen” to disease and sudden deaths just “happen”. So there is a dark pessimism that comes to us when we think of life just happening.


But what about the good things that just happen to you to? Like when the car in front of you pays for your Starbucks, or when that detour lands you at an event where you meet someone who can change your life?

I know sometimes as entrepreneurs, moms, corporate-climbers, and students it is hard to lose site of life without an agenda. But in the words of the great John Lennon “ Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”. Don’t forget to not only leave room but embrace some thrills and challenges that you didn’t expect, you never know what lesson you may have to learn, person you may have to meet spontaneously, that may contribute to future successes.

B. Ellesse

Corporate Estimating Assistant - Blogger

Just a millennial aunt from the SoxSide of Chicago striving to overcome her quarter-life crisis. Found out along the way it's a balancing act to build a career, a hustle, avoid sugar, and live a healthy social and spiritual life. But I like to think thats why I'm a BossBabe, I get it done.

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