Why You Need A Graphic Designer feat. E. Aferi

A few weeks back Liz and I met up to uncover some of the misconceptions surrounding Graphic design. There are tonnes of DIY apps available and many of us multitasking millenials often opt for the cheaper do-it-yourself route. However, I believe working with a professional, when budget allows is what sets the professional apart from the amateur. Read on if you’d like to know if you’ve found the right graphic designer, the importance of design and why you can’t just copy what’s already out there.

D: What does a Graphic Designer Do?

E: A graphic designer designs on different mediums to visually communicate a message to a specific audience.  Graphic designers also create branding and marketing for their clients to be recognizable in a specific space. This is usually done using computer software or with drawings.

D: What are the benefits of working with a Graphic Designer?

E: The benefits of working with a graphic designer is you don’t have to do it yourself, seriously. Many people think that designing is a simple skill but it actually really hard. Graphic Designers will professionally execute what you are trying to create. We use our talents and specialized knowledge in typography, colour and design thinking to execute the project and make sure the design is effective.

D: How do I know if the Graphic Designer is right for me?

E: You’ll know if your graphic designer is right for you, if they not only listen to you but if they critique and give feedback on your ideas. You also know if they’re good for you when you see samples and an instant connection is made. You see it and it’s an instant “Yasss!” moment. But don’t get me wrong, there are many cases where that does not happen instantly. If your graphic designer is constantly revising your project, either your graphic designer didn’t ask enough questions and hasn’t been listening to you or you aren’t clear on your vision. I personally send out a questionnaire to get a better understanding of my client, their brands and projects. This has helped me get more of a positive response as opposed to back to the drawing board moments. Communication is key.

D: Why can’t I copy another brand?

E: The whole point of graphic design projects is to visually communicate a message or to brand yourself in such a way that differentiates you from others. If you copy another brand, how will you be setting yourself apart? Copying get a hard “no” from me. If a client sends me something they have seen, the response is, “I will not copy that but what do you like about it? Does it suit you or your brand? How can we make this better?” Coke & Pepsi have the sell the same product but in different bottles.

D: So are there any major brands that you’ve worked with? Here’s your moment to humble brag.

I’ve worked with Jennifer Le, Snob Life, Kloset Envy, Jai Nice, Yandy Smith and Professional Boxer Andre Berton to name a few.

I hope that this article has left you better equipped to choosing your own graphic designer to work with. To book a consult with E. Aferi click here.

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