What I Wish My Professors Knew

Recently I sat down with 9 students who answered one question. What do you wish your professor knew?

Here  is how they responded.

I have a job on top of going to school. Although it takes a lot of dedication to do both – I know my education matters.

I have to raise my little sisters. I don’t get a choice. Having to be home with them- legally, has made it hard for me to put in the extra effort that college requires. My home life plays a HUGE toll on my education. But at the same time – it doesn’t define my ability to succeed.

Sometimes – I just wish they knew.
– Shelbi

I have a lot of respect for my one professor. I want to tell him – but I know he is busy. So I don’t.
– Tyler

I know I’m in college. I know my professors don’t have to care.
But “tough love,” doesn’t work on all of us. I just wish they understood.
– Jim

No one buys the text book for your class.
– Jessica

Personally, I love the college I go to. Sometimes the work gets challenging. But I know they (professors) are preparing me for the future. I am thankful for that.
– Megan

I wish I could prove my understanding of a subject through a variety of methods rather than 3 big exams.
– Andrea

I once stayed home from school because I was having panic attacks over your course. This isn’t your fault. This is mine. But I do wish you knew.
– Matt

You’re doing a great job. You should know this.
– Daniel


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