Without A Goal, You Can’t Score


Casey Neistat said: “without a goal, you can’t score”. If you’re going to start somewhere to build up your life, start here.

Tales of hardworking and successful women are receiving more and more spotlight. But WE never become Wonder Woman. We all read articles on how to better manage our time. We all download the apps. Make the list of our future achievements. And we are all guilty of NEVER putting those into practice. Or only for a few weeks, few months if you’re tenacious. By experience, it usually goes like this:

  • read the article with the appealing title (or bookmark it for later)
  • nod at the cleverly-written points
  • think “I’ll start doing this”

What is the root of the problem? It all comes to down to this: what do you need to achieve? Time management, organization, inspiration, creativity… what’s the point if you haven’t figured out where you are going in life? It’s never too late to sit down and recalibrate again the machine.

Get real: Goal Setting

What is your passion?  What is the one thing that would never make you feel like you are working? For some of us, it’s easy: we figured out our goal during our teenage or young-adult years. We know what we like and we have been dabbling with the subject, struggling to make it a full-time job. Hang in there, gang, times will change.

For the rest, the Undecided, life is less easy. The first thing you should be focusing on is figuring this s**t out. Before the lists. Before the apps. Before deciding if it’s worth cutting out something out of your life. Find what makes you unique. And above all, see how this difference can bring something to the rest of the world.

Or Die Trying

There is a dream job for everyone on this planet: it’s the one you create for yourself. Figuring out how to make this your goal should be your lifetime mission. If you have a clue what you are here for (writing, singing, cooking, looking after others…), you’re in luck.

Chances are: if you are reading this article, you have access to plenty of resources to help you start the show. No excuses. This is the moment when you might make decisions that seem unwise. If you are making these decisions to reach your destination, it will be worth it.

And if it’s not, you will at least lived with the idea it was achievable. Now, don’t spend hours planning it, wing it. Do you want to write? Start a fiction, right now. Don’t wait until you have the time to start: a writer writes. A singer sings. An entrepreneur… rolls up their sleeves and tries something. There will never a better time to start working on what you want to do. The time is now, the moment you are reading those lines. Forget what I said earlier, bookmark this article and go.

To those in search of a purpose: try as many things as you can. Shake the routine up and sign up for classes, workshops. Attend events, go to parties. Talk to people and hear about their interest. Steal it and make it your own if you feel it is for you in the first place. You don’t actually need to have one goal in life, you can have several. But here is rule number 1: always be closing. Never start something you like, pick up something else you like and never finish the first one.

Rule number 2? Read number 1.


So remember: Get Real with yourself, and Die Trying to achieve your goals. If you have personal stories of how you discovered your own passion, please share. If you’re on the road to your dream life, please comment too. Let’s help each other reaching our goals!

Randy Lacourt

I have a lot of opinions and feelings and I like sharing them in my free time. Constant-learner, goal setters: I have self-published three poetry books and I am on the constant mission to finish my first fiction. Writing is everything but I am also interested in computer programming, human science and bettering myself.

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