How To Write Amazing Content To Grow Your Community

As we fly into 2017 we’re more focused on our businesses, and we know we’re going to crush it this year. The energy just feels different this year.

2017 was a year of building my foundation. I realized that the blog I loved working on could be a business and monetized it with a membership site that’s helping hundreds of women. I grew my instagram following to over 16K, quit my job to bring my business full-time and had my first 5 figure month!

A huge reason that I had all this success was from creating content that helped ambitious women create a life and business they love, and really thinking about what information needed to be out there, that wasn’t out there yet.

How To Write Amazing Content For Your Website


Survey Your Audience

The best way to know what your audience wants is to ask them! Send a survey out to your audience, your email list or ask members in your favorite facebook group by using facebook polls if you don’t yet have your own audience.

Sometimes you may think that a topic will be interesting for people, but if people don’t know that they want to read about it, they’re unlikely to click. Asking people what they want is a great way to learn what

Plan Ahead

Whenever you are writing last minute content, it will never come out as good as content that you have planned out, considered and researched.

Grab a good calendar, like a social media calendar with all the upcoming trending dates, and use it to see what interesting dates and events are coming up.

If your readers know they can look to you to know what is happening in the world, you’ll establish trust and keep them coming back again and again to see what’s new.

People love sharing current events with their friends, so if you’re writing up important dates, award shows, celeb birthdays and fun holidays like #nationalicecreamday then you’ll be creating a piece of content that’s sure to be shared. The 2017 social media calendar here includes all of that information.

By planning your content ahead of time, you can also schedule your social media posts using tools like Buffer or Smarter Queue

Think About Struggles You Have Overcome

It can get overwhelming when you think you need to be the smartest or most successful person to start creating amazing content. That’s not true.

All you have to do is really know who your blog is for, and create content that will inspire, motivate or teach people who are a few steps behind you who want to learn what you already know!

Thinking about the struggles you have overcome in your own life is a great place to start with this. Have you been able to quit your job and bring your business full time? Have you figured out how to get out of toxic relationships? Maybe you are amazing at french braiding your hair.

Whatever it is, you have something unique that you can share with the world, and people will be truly happy that you took the time to put your lessons learned out there for more people to use to improve their own life.

Looking around you for inspiration is a great way to get ideas on what to talk about, and create content that people find interesting and enjoyable to read.


Reese Evans

Founder at yes supply collective

Reese is a Passive Income Success Strategist, and founder at yes supply collective, a source for female creatives to get the tools and mentorship needed to create a online business and a life they love. Find her on instagram at @yessupply and talk to her in her free facebook group at

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