You are a queen 👑💜

Oh Ladies, not believing in yourself is a tragedy, shake it out, stop that sh*t. Have a sip of wine. Hang w/ppl that are good for your soul & want you to shine, & who inspire + challenge you. Educate yourself on things you’re passionate about: competence = confidence. Forgive people, grudges are a heavy weight to hold. Get a decent pair of heels, a leather jacket & a good hair stylist. Challenge yourself by trying things that you’re not great at: sports, hobbies, art, whatever. I’m teaching myself how to knit bc I want a cool scarf, I’m terrible at it, but that feeling of seeing my progress is powerful – like I’m gonna open up a mo’fing knitting store… Exercise, eat well, listen to music that moves you, play with your dog. Don’t follow models on Instagram. Also, don’t look in the mirror too much, and when you do, try & only focus on the good. And lastly, Be Authentic, & do it unapologetically, bc there’s nothing cooler, sexier or more inspiring than seeing someone embrace their true self.

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