Young Women in the Business World

Have you ever heard of the quote…

“Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.”

I’m not sure who made that statement first, but as a young woman in the business world I have found that quote extremely motivating.

I am a young woman that has been working in the business world for a short period of time. I constantly surround myself with other women who are in the corporate world or are standing on their own two feet creating something from the ground up. Regardless of where you are in your business journey, I think women in the business world can find great value in the lessons that come from that pineapple quote.

Let’s slice into it…

Stand Tall.

As a young woman in the business world I find myself thinking or whispering these powerful words often. Stand tall, Haley…have confidence. As young women in the business world, we must always have confidence in ourselves & our work. Nothing can damage your professional reputation like not performing your job with confidence. From personal experience, I’ve faced situations where my confidence has been diluted or non-existent. Allowing that to happen will NEVER help you grow & become the professional or Boss Babe that you want to become. Picture the pineapple. Stand tall. Have confidence.

Wear a Crown.

When you are a young woman in the business world, you may find yourself faced with situations that challenge your morals. Situations that force you to make decisions where you must stand tall & stand up for yourself. Self-love is important in all aspects of life. It is wildly important as a young woman in the business world. We must take care of ourselves and not get consumed with the troubles & stress of work. It is important to love yourself & remember who you are and always do what makes you happy. Focus on yourself, not others.

Be Sweet on the Inside.

Being in the business world, we must not let the grind of an 8 to 5 job take its toll. In many ways it can. One of those ways is making you forget to be sweet on the inside, being kind. Now, not everyone is going to agree with me & that is totally fine. I am someone that believes kindness can get you much more in this world then being rude or mean. Personally, I have found success in that. Not just with my coworkers, but mainly with clients and/or people I communicate with on behalf of my clients. I believe that a smile is a very powerful tool.

So in short, I am telling you when you go to work, be a pineapple. Envision them. Think about standing tall, wearing your crown and being sweet on the inside. Use this quote and this mindset as motivation for your success.

I believe that when you apply this, you will be surprised of the transition that can take place.


Boss Babe Writer

I live a life like a pineapple, “Stand Tall, Wear a Crown & Be Sweet on the Inside.” Writing is a passion of mine & blogging has become my new outlet. I love a good cup of coffee, cats and lots of positive energy. I work fulltime at a marketing agency where every day I am given the opportunity to grow and learn from others around me. Expect pineapple content. No matter where you are in your professional career, the relationships you build, the clients you have, the projects you start, can all relate back to “Being a Pineapple.”

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